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  Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) 24K Gold Sunglasses
  Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing the sunglasses ray ban usa on the film Sex and City II poster, had repeatedly claimed that this design is derived from the ski goggles, the first reaction is still not long eye of the audience: "ah, Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses golden section!"
  This is the young German eyewear brand Mykita and popular fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm to launch the sunglasses. Surface coated with a layer of 24 gold, a mirror like effect. Designers say the design inspiration of this sunglasses from Franz Klammer ski champion, 1976 Olympic Winter Games. This pair of sunglasses by Mykita German studio ray ban usa store staff Handmade, limited edition.
  Paris Hilton launched his sunglasses series
  As a deep love sunglasses, Paris Hilton the most famous is not like the Lady Gaga that human eyes wearing Mickey Mouse Sunglasses swagger through the streets, but a dare to wear to wear sunglasses, she preferred fly eye type giant, sometimes like a fly, sometimes like a bee. She often according to the color, mood, clothing choices such as sunglasses, ray ban sunglasses usa sale sun holiday color, she will be wearing a white sunglasses.
  Last year, she launched her own brand of sunglasses. Style, continue to pay tribute to the classic design to the elder masters, but wins in the color range, color complex. If you want to have the Paris Hilton effect, then we must choose and your face instead of sunglasses. In short, if you are a small round face, non pure black and then choose a wired article, oversized sunglasses.
  The little girl Fan Bingbing ray ban sunglasses usa Chin
  Fan Bingbing, the general in the limelight of the actress shut down his popular blog three years ago, people interpret out of context, even outside the reason not to spread rumours to create trouble, she finally said "arrows mandrel, habit good". This is a rather stubborn and helplessness of the concluding remarks. Like the attitude of her sunglasses, seen from the street to beat her, she wants to hide: always use a hat with a large black sunglasses, black black sunglasses.
  Fan Bingbing has a small chin, wearing sunglasses is to highlight the advantages of her. A recent period of time, she also went on the attack of international fashion, is very attract sb.'s attention. No ray ban usa outlet one is born to be strong, we are always in life to become strong.