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If we can talk about the product of fantasy for a minute, what needs to oakley m frame sunglasses happen for us to get technology to a new level? What are the obstacles?

I've probably been applied to the lens, so that it can increase or change of use of different semi-solid, liquid really interested. Or, imagine, if you can transform itself RX. oakley sunglasses m frame Everyone saw the LCD or liquid crystal watch window, so if the technology requires several steps on behalf of, the possibilities are really endless and what can we do. It would be legitimate science fiction glasses.

How will be manifested in the end is what? Again, fantasy scenario: What form might be gone?Imagine a prescription by a number of magical geometry, the electronic control box. You ordered a pair of glasses we RX, it came in a box, you put it on, it's like a learning computer. You saw a few stock images and feedback information cheap oakley m frame sunglasses back to the box, and adjust your prescription immediately.

Now, in reality, you should get a new prescription every year, because our eyes are not stable. They get better or worse. But most people will not go to the eye doctor every year because they do not have time. So, now you will have these glasses can be adjusted automatically, m frame oakley sunglasses according to the changing prescription eye flight, so they will never be perfect. This is just a small example.

Yes ah, I feel energetic, reactive thing, we want to take full advantage. I think technology will drive our progressive lenses. Even at this point, we are able to track your vision and understanding discount oakley m frame sunglasses what you see and why. We will drive to the point where the glasses to adapt what they are doing. This can be very short, in fact.