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  • Appreciation of Chinese Poems: Tigers Traveling Wei Jin: Lu Ji is thirsty and does not drink pirated spring water, and the heat is constantly wicked. Is there no branch of evil wood? Zhishi is very hardworking. The whole drive will die, and the stick strategy will look far. Hungering tiger tiger cave, cold habitat wild bird forest. The credit for the return of the day was not built, and the year passed. Chongyun was horrified near the shore, and the bark sang with the wind. Talk the bottom of the valley,
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Xiqianying Qingming Festival Tang Dynasty: Xue Zhaoyun Qingming Festival, rainy sunny, proud of the year. Ma Jiao mud soft brocade and dried, fragrant sleeve half cage whip. The color is mellow, and people are rewarded with embroidered saddles. The sun-slope is even more lingering, and the way home is grass and smoke. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] This word is written
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Folding Guiling for Nine Yen Generation: Zhang Kejiu fortified Wusha on Qingshan. Gui Yan Hengqiu, tired of homesick. Cui Shou diligent, gold cup staggered, jade hand pipa. People grow old with westerly white hair, and butterflies worry about yellow flowers tomorrow. Looking back at the horizon, a touch of the setting sun, a few jackdaw. [Appreciation see next page] [Appreciation
  • Appreciation of Chinese poetry: Xiaoya Luming, pre-Qin: Anonymous Luming, Shiye Zhiping. I have guests, harp blowing Sheng. Blowing Sheng drum spring, bearing basket is general. Good people show me how to travel. The roe deer sings, the wild artemisia annua. I have a guest, Deying Kongzhao. Depending on the people, the gentleman is effective. I have purpose wine, guest style swallow
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Bai School Scholar's Thatched House Tang Dynasty: Du Fu Bishan Scholar burned silver fish, but Bai Ma went to the deep rock residence. The ancients have used three winter feet, more than 10,000 volumes opened in young. The Qingyun full household group was overturned, and the floating steps of the autumn water slipped away. Wealth and wealth must be hardworking, the man must read five books. [Appreciation see next page] [Appreciation
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Jiangchengzi Mid-Autumn Festival Early Rain Evening Clear Song Dynasty: Chen Zhu Mid-Autumn Festival with the best moon. Old stubborn. See many times. The glass of wine is stretched, and it should n’t be awkward tonight. How can Yu Yu be happy, loud, and spotty. The sky should be covered deliberately. Shoot the world. Just look around. The time is good, but it is difficult. Waiting for the wind to twilight at dusk
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Huanxi Shaquanhu Road went to Minxian and other monarchs. Song Dynasty: Xin Qiji listened to Chunyu Duyu cry. As soon as possible, the poem was seen off. The white bird flew back. Lying on Zheng Zizhen's rock, take advantage of Tao Yuanliang's chrysanthemum period. Today, it is worthy of chanting. [Appreciation please see the next page] [Appreciation]
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Candle Shadow Shades Red Yuan Xiyu Song Dynasty: Wu Wenying Bishan Mountain Posture, Twilight Han Qingqin Song Brow. The barrier mud Nan Morun is light and crisp, and the lights are deep in the courtyard. At night, the Sheng Song became warmer. Bunting flags, men should dance. You are not afraid to swim, the plain socks are dusty, and the skirts are red splashes. Silver candle cage yarn, Cui Ping does not complain according to Can Mei. Cleansing and refreshing wet spring
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: The Water Fairy gave Li Renzhong a lazy and slow fast. Yuan Dynasty: Qiao Ji played poker after a fun time, Qin Zhengtang said goodbye to be lazy, and had a slow throat to learn more. Xi Tier rested on the pole, dreamed through Handan in the soul. Yesterday was strong today. I do n’t see the tired birds knowing about it! [See appreciation on the next page]
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Sending Xia Hou's proofreading book to the Tang Dynasty: Qian Qichu Township has no birds, and Duyun returns. Broken mirror urges returning guests, Canyang sees the old mountain. Poems flow into the water, dreams fall into the flowers. I sent the word Acacia, worrying about the solution. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] First, in form, against Seiko Kiki
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poems: Two Faces of Returning Ballads Tang Dynasty: Two Faces of Wen Tingyun, Xiaofeng Fighting with Castor Jinyan. Dance clothes are weak and windy, with silky autumn colors. The brocade is embroidered obliquely, the dew drops are clear and bright, the pink heart is yellow, the flower is bright, and Daimeishan is two o'clock. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] This word is the same as
  • Appreciation of Chinese poetry: Children are not afraid of tigers Song Dynasty: Su Shi has a woman who puts on the children's sand daily and wears clothes on the water. The tiger came up from the mountain, and the woman hurriedly avoided it. The two children play freely on the sand. Tigers have been familiar with it for a long time, and even the first one is in conflict, and they are afraid of it a few times; The tiger also died. Alas, the Tiger Eater
  • Appreciation of Chinese poetry: Nanxiangzi drizzle and wet streamer five generations: Feng Yanzheng drizzle and wet streamer. Yan Suo Feng Lou is infinite and boundless. 鸾 Mirror two broken bowels. The soul dream is melodious, and sleeps on Yang Huaman's embroidered bed. Bo Yan didn't come to the door half-covered, setting sun. Lost a few lines of your tears. [See the appreciation
  • Appreciation of Chinese poems: Yun Yunsong made pillow pillow incense Qing dynasty: Nalan de pillow pillow incense, flowers leaked. Meet by appointment, after the twilight. In the cold season, people with cold wine are sick, and the pear blossoms are swollen. Cover the silver screen, dangled green sleeves. Where the blowjob is, the pulse is amused. The intestine is broken and bright red cardamom. Does the moon look like that then?
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Early Hair Baidicheng / Baidixia Jiangling Tang Dynasty: Li Baichao resigned Baidi Caiyun, Qianli Jiangling returned in a day. The apes on both sides of the strait couldn't stop crying, and the light boat had passed Wanzhong Mountain. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] At the beginning of the Anshi Rebellion in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Xuanzong rushed to Shu, and Prince Li Hen stayed to discuss Anlu Mountain
  • 语文诗歌鉴赏:题青泥市萧寺壁 2019-08-14Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Title of Xiaosi Wall in Qingni City
    Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Title of Xiaosi Wall in Qingni City Song Dynasty: Yue Fei's heroic conduct of bullfighting, he vowed to report revenge to the king. Cut off the stubbornness and drive the car, regardless of the number of people on the altar. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] After reading the poem, I naturally thought of the anger and anger in the words of the author "Man Jiang Hong".
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Zai Chi Qin: Anonymous Carrying and Driving, Returning to Wei Weihou. Drive the horses, and talk about it. The doctor was trekking, but my heart was worried. Neither I Jia, can not reverse. I don't think so, I don't think far. Neither I Jia, can't make money? I do n’t think about it. 陟 Pi Aqiu, his words are plentiful. Women's good
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Wang Jiangnan March Twilight Song Dynasty: Wu Wenying March Twilight. When people go to the swing to hang on the moon, the horse stops and the willow grows tired. Embankment painting boat empty. Intoxicated, the long day small curtain 栊. Su Yan turned out of the silver candle at night, and the sound of a wailing ying in the green shade. Nowhere to look for residual red. [See the next page for appreciation] [
  • Appreciation of Chinese poetry: Xiaoyin's own title Song Dynasty: Lin Zhe bamboo trees around my house, more than fun. Cranes idle in the water for a long time, bee lazy to pick flowers. Alcohol disease may open the book, Chunyin into the lotus root. Taste the ancient pictures, most of them write 樵 fish. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] The first two sentences write the poet's retreat. Tao Yuan
  • 语文诗歌鉴赏:过融上人兰若 2019-08-14Appreciation of Chinese poetry: Overlord Ranruo
    Appreciation of Chinese Poems: Lord Rongruo of the Rong Dynasty Tang Dynasty: The monk's clothes were hung in the Buddhism Zen room, and no water birds flew outside the window. It was halfway down the road at dusk, but I heard Cuiwei even after the bell. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] The poet who wrote this poem did not meet friends at Shangshan Temple, but was attracted by the beautiful natural scenery in the mountains.
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Title Willow Tree by Fen Bridge in Pingyang County Tang Dynasty: Cen Shen once lived here, and seems to return today. Poor Fen Shangliu, Yiyi met. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] The poet revisited the place where he lived for hours, and how many past events came to mind. The poet is full of emotions, imagination and countless emotions.
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poems: Sending Jiao Shanqi to everyone to see Guangyou Song Dynasty: Shi Zhipeng Yun Tuan Guangyou to worry about the city, may not be heartfelt. With the words of Shi Gongshan going down, it was as if the ape called the third sound. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] Master Qi of Jiaoshan is going to meet the monk Guangyou, and the high monk Zhipeng wrote this poem to send him on the road. wide
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Talents in Handan married as widows and concubines. Tang Dynasty: Li Baizheng was a Chongtai woman, Yang Mo went to Danxu. Self-reliance on the face is like a flower. With a word of Yujie, go to Ruo Zhaoyunmo. Every time I recall Handan City, Shen Gongmeng Qiuyue. The king is not visible, and he stalks to Mingfa. [See the next page for appreciation] [Reward
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poems: You Tianyou Goose Lake Drunk Book Restaurant Wall Song Dynasty: Xin Qiji enters the plains in the spring and amaranth flowers, and the crows fall after the new cultivation. Passionate white-haired spring is helpless, and in the evening, Qing curtain wine is easy to credit. Leisure attitude, careful career. There is mulberry on the west side of the bullpen. Anyone who is in a blue dress is going to see a foreigner while she is born. [See the appreciation
  • Appreciation of Chinese poetry: Diaoyutai / Yefa Yantan Song Dynasty: Li Qingzhao's giant ship is for profit, and the flat boat is also famous. Mr. and Mrs. Gui have been to and from, passing the fishing platform all night. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] This poem expresses respect for Yan Ziling, a hermit, and is made to the world who is under the control of famous people.
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poems: Two Autumn Landscapes by Li Shinan, Song Dynasty: Su Shi's wild waters were uneven, and the sparse forests poured out frost roots. Where does the flat boat go? My home is in Jiangye Huangye Village. The world ’s axe hits the sky, who sees the dragon and snake in a hundred feet. It's not that Xishan is alone, who interprets it as a hanging monkey. [See appreciation on the next page
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Huanxi Sha sent Mei Ting to the old party academics Song Dynasty: Dongfeng snow was blowing outside Su Shimen, and the mountain looked back at San Wu. Should not be impeached as fishless. The Shangdang has always been the ridge of the world. Mr. Yuan is an ancient Confucian. Shi Ping does not need Lu Lianshu. [Appreciation see next page] [Appreciation] Dongfeng snow outside the door,
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Sending Friends in the Spring and North and South Dynasties: The Monk and the Monk have already hated the heart so much that the Spring Solstice is still out of touch. Cuizhi knot oblique shadow, green water scattered round text. The fish are watching each other, and the birds are half hidden. When not to be silent, is the most contemplative of the sun. [Appreciation please see the next page] [Appreciation] One or two sentences express that the guest lives in another country, until spring
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Sending Wei Shiliu to Suzhou and Tang Dynasty: Huang Fu Ranqiu sent deep to the north at night, and the worms were unbearable. Guizhou Mingling Road next day, looking back at Gu Su is Baiyun. [Appreciation please see the next page] [Appreciation] This farewell short chapter, written clearly and clearly, but also affectionate, has always been chanted by people.
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Shows Chang'an and Song Dynasty: Wang Anshi's parting is not light, and it's love to meet each other when they grow old. There are laughter in the cup and plate, and the dim lights are all talk. Self-pity the lake and the sea separated by three years, and travelled for thousands of miles. If you want to know what day is later, you should see Yannan Zheng when sending books. [Appreciation see next page] [Appreciation]
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Tashaxing Hemerocallis Roots Dry Song Dynasty: Duan Duan Li Xuanhe Roasts, Durian Garden. Quietly silent. When Pingshan didn't cover his dreams for a long time, the south bank of the Xijiang River was oblique. The day leaked the first pass, Lin Ying hundred 啭. The long day secretly remembers the incense stick. Who knows the news of the cave, and asked Liang Jianyan several times. [See appreciation on the next page
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Half of the flowers were dropped. Yuan Dynasty: Zhang Kejiu's wine was broken by mangroves and broken corals. Suddenly, half of the rain was caused by the wind and half of the rain. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] Shi Chong Xin Shi contains Shi Chong and Wang Kaidoufu in the Western Jin Dynasty.
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Bodhisattva's few cottages are idle in the water. Song Dynasty: Wang Anshi's few cottages are idle in the water. The flowers were red last year, blowing the night wind. Tips crescent moon, wake up late at noon. What matter is the most affectionate, Huang Yan said twice. [Appreciation see next page] [Appreciation] "Buddha Man" is a
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poems: Reading Qin Ji Song Dynasty: Hu Zhong participated in Wan Ye Wan Bian Wan Matun, and built up an impediment to Hu Chen. Who knows who cut wood is a pole, just the people inside the Great Wall. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] This epic poem expresses the discussion on the construction of the Great Wall by the Emperor Qin Shihuang. The first two sentences write fortification. The first sentence is long
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Eight to Tang Dynasty: Li Ye to the nearest to the farthest, to the deep to the shallow Qingxi. The highest is tomorrow, the closest to the next couple. [Appreciation see the next page] [Appreciation] The first word of this poem appears repeatedly in the poem eight times, so the title is eight. In terms of content, the whole poem is four sentences, and everything is said
  • Appreciation of Chinese Poetry: Ruilong Yin Deqing Qingming Race Song Dynasty: Wu Wenying Daximen. Looking at the embroidery feathers and smoking, Jinsuo flying training. The peach blossom was thirty-six, and the palace was asleep, and Jiao Lei turned around. Go like an arrow. Urging the flag to swim, Su Lan snow splashed. Dongfeng is cold, wet, and stinky, and the yin is sent to day. Tap late. Zhou Pingsheng, Dou Chun