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  • Specializing in the crown There was a person who used to make scissors and tinplate to make a living. One day, he encountered the emperor playing in the countryside, broke the crown, and ordered him to repair it. After making up, he rewarded him with a lot of money. On the way home, I saw a tiger lying on the ground and groaning. When I saw someone coming, I lifted a bloody foot.
  • Pickled duck raw pickled eggs A and B for the first time. A said in surprise: Strangely, every time I eat an egg, it is light. Why is this egg salty? B replied: I am a very understanding person, but you asked me. Tell you, this salted duck egg is born of pickled duck.
  • Young daughter and old man Ai Zi has an old friend named Yu Ren and two daughters who have just turned two years old. When Ai Zi liked it, she got engaged for her son. Yu Ren is also very Liu Xing, asking: how old is your son? Ai Zi answered: Four years old. Yu Ren sank his face: Do you want my daughter to marry an old man? Ai Zi
  • 寓言故事:楚人过河 2019-07-19 Fable Story: Chu People Cross the River
    The Chu people crossed the river. The Chu people wanted to attack the Song country, and they sent people to measure the depth of the water and make a mark. But Lishui suddenly rose, Chu people did not know, and still stole in the middle of the night according to the original sign. As a result, more than a thousand people were drowned, and Chu Jun was terrified. It could be crossed during the measurement, but now the river has risen
  • Scary name An old man lived on the street and bought a family boy named Shanbo. He also got a watchdog named Shanbu. Since then, all guests and friends have not come to his home for three full years. He was very strange, so he asked his past friends. A friend said to him: Your name, and
  • In ancient times, there was a person who borrowed someone else's money, and the due creditor came to collect the debt. The debtor said: Everything changes, and the person who borrows money is no longer me. Therefore, I do not owe you debts. The creditor lost his temper and hit him, and the two tore to court. Judge asks debtor why he didn't pay back
  • Hunchback In the past, there was a doctor in the city of Shandong Plain who claimed to be good at all humpbacks. The operation was simple and affordable. Someone had a camel back that was six feet in length and eight feet in width. I heard that there were such divine doctors, and he was ready to treat him with great gifts. The doctor ordered him to fall to the ground, then jumped up and stepped up. Humped
  • Broken pots Regardless of the late Eastern Han Dynasty, a man named Meng Min bought a clay pot and accidentally broke it on the road. Meng Min didn't even take a look, and went away. The passer-by felt strange and asked him in the past: Your jar is broken, why not even look at it? Meng Min replied: The jar has been broken, look at it again
  • There is no such thing as killing. There is a person who likes to talk about the return of the round. Because the Buddhist scriptures say that what you kill will become what you will in the afterlife. Killing a cow becomes a cow and a pig becomes a pig. The next Mr. Xu said: Then do n’t kill, it ’s better to kill
  • Wei Wei rescued Zhao Wei Guo heavy soldiers surrounded Zhao Guo ’s capital, Handan, and Zhao rushed to Qi Qi for help. Qi Datian prepared to lead the army to Zhao Guo, and counselor Sun Ying discouraged: To solve the messy disputes, he must not hold his fists; to rescue the fighting people, don't use swords and guns. Avoiding the real situation will cause nothing to threaten the enemy.
  • 寓言故事:王顾左右而言他 2019-07-19 Fable story: Wang Gu left and right to say
    As far as Wang Gu is concerned, his Mencius said to King Xuan Xuan: You have a courtier who entrusts his wife and children to friends to take care of, and goes to Chu country to play by himself. When he returned, his wife and children were starving and freezing. What should I do with such friends? King Qi said: Break up with him. Mencius also said:
  • Someone stole an axe and lost an axe. He suspected that his neighbor's son had stolen it, so he paid close attention to him. He always felt that his actions such as walking and talking were like someone stealing his axe. Soon, the old man found the axe in the valley where he went uphill to cut firewood. He paid more attention to the actions of his next son,
  • There is a law in Yu Taohuan ’s monarchy: whoever stole the king ’s carriage will have his feet cut off. At that time, Miyako was loved by the king. One night in the countryside, someone came to report Mizicai, saying that his mother had a heavy glass Mizicai ran to the palace, stole the king's carriage, and Xingye rushed back to the countryside. The king heard
  • The mother-in-law whose mother died next to her was dead. When she was buried, she needed a sacrificial ritual, and the family asked her private teacher to write one. The guru duly copied an article from the ancient text, but did not expect to mistakenly sacrifice the mourning memorial to Yue Zhang. While the funeral was in progress, literate persons found that the ritual was completely wrong. This
  • Chicken thieves have individuals who steal the chickens of their neighbors. Someone advised him: Don't steal it, it's immoral. He said: I am determined to change the past, but I am very addicted and it is difficult to not steal at once. This way, from today I will reduce to steal one in January, and I will not steal it next year. Knowingly immoral
  • Yuan Yuan suspected that King Qi Xuan said to Mencius: I heard that King Zhou Wen ’s hunting garden was about 70 miles away. Is there such a thing? Mencius said: This is what the book says. Is it really that big? At the time, people were too young. Qi Xuanwang sighed and said: My hunting garden is only forty miles away.
  • Pushed away from Xiangyu to make a pair of ivory chopsticks, Xunzi was very worried when he saw him. He believes that once you have ivory chopsticks, you will never use clay pots and bowls to serve meals. You must have cups and saucers made of bright rhinestone jasper to match; using jade cups and ivory chopsticks, you will never serve millet vegetables Be sure to wear something like a tail leopard
  • It is easiest for a painter to have a guest paint for King Qi. King Qi asked him: What is the hardest thing to draw? He said: Painting dogs and horses is the hardest. Qi Wang asked again: So what is the easiest to draw? Guests said: It's easiest to draw a ghost. Because the dogs and horses can be seen every day, they must be in front of them every day, and they must paint beautiful
  • Ren and Yu Yanqi owned a family named Tian who had a feast at home. Some of the guests presented fish and geese as gifts. The host was very pleased to see it: God is very kind to us! Look, aren't these fishes and geese born for our appetite? The guests echoed. There is a Bao family
  • The skill of killing dragons Zhu Ximan sold his family's property, took a thousand and two golds to worship Zhilili as a teacher, and learned the technique of killing dragons. In three years, he returned. Someone asked what he learned? As he answered, he used the technique of killing dragons-how to hold down the dragon's head, how to step on the dragon's tail, how to make a knife from the dragon's neck, etc.
  • Fable story: The portrait of a male lion The male lion wants the deer to paint a portrait for it, and it says to the deer in a gentle tone like never before: Miss Lu, I heard that you are a talented painter, I can do you once Model? The deer did not refuse. It showed the painted portrait to the male lion, who immediately showed an unpleasant look.
  • Fable story: Buffalo and goats noon in midsummer, buffalo and goats graze by the river. The sun gradually rises into the hollow, the light is getting stronger and stronger, and they are all a little hot. Let's swim in the river and take a bath. It can not only remove dirt and descaling, but also cool down and prevent heatstroke. Buffalo makes recommendations. This me
  • Fable story: There is a crooked stream in the fox-fishing forest, and fish often pass by in the clear stream. The black bear stood in the rapids of the Pentium and caught a big fish in a while. The fox was envious of the big fish jumping in the black bear's fish cage, thinking to himself that the black bear was not smart and had poor eyesight.
  • Fable: A man who digs a well for water once had a man who wanted to dig a well to facilitate water extraction. The first day he dug more than half without seeing the water. But he didn't give up, he kept digging down, he was convinced that one day he would see the clear water. The next day he dug a whisker and didn't see the water. Still the same
  • Fable: As long as the fisherman and the little fish have eyes, the little fish will grow up, but if you think it ’s too small, let it grow up and catch it later, it ’s too silly, because it ’s hard to say Can't catch it again. A small carp was just a fry, caught by fishermen by the river. Let's do it right. Fishermen look
  • Fable story: The owner of the watchdog keeps the vegetable garden around the backyard of the home and planted Chinese cabbage. After careful cultivation, the white cabbage and green leaves of the Chinese cabbage are growing well and will soon be harvested. However, the theft occurred in the noodle vegetable garden. Some cabbage leaves were choked, some cabbage hearts were bitten, and some were missing. That was the whole tree.
  • Fable story: The standard of the goat teacher! Teachers really hide people. Zin Xiong said angrily, the word like me is only excellent, and the word of jumping monkey is much worse than mine. Give back to You + When I heard Zin Xiong said, the students came around and rushed to see their two books. . Jumping monkey because of impatience, everything
  • 寓言故事:蠹鱼求居 2019-06-26 Allegorical Story: Catfish Seeking to Live
    Allegorical story: The sturgeon fish (d) fish entered the bookcase, and it asked the owner of the book to give it a place in the bookcase. Please allow me to live. The catfish said pitifully to the owner of the book: My pinpoint body can't take up much space, as long as there is an insignificant pore, it will be enough for me.
  • Fable: The man who sold the righteous dog used to have a wolf dog owned by a rich man's house. The wolf dog faithfully guarded the house. In a stormy night, a group of thieves broke into the window, and the wolf dog shouted. Although he was stabbed with several swords, he still bite the thief desperately. Wolf dog not
  • Fable story: The zebra group of pythons and lions in the wilderness of Africa who do not understand Qianmian migrated, and an old zebra fell down. A black piebald python stared at it, and opposite to this time, the lion lurking in the grass at the other end was ready to eat the old zebra at any time. Piebald giant
  • Fable story: Red light and green light one night, the red light woke up at 1 am, because it discussed with the green light, tonight is better than anyone else. Looking at the green light, the red light found that the green light was awake long ago. At 11 o'clock, the red light fell asleep.
  • Fable story: The difference between the earthen jar and the jade Han Zhaohou didn't pay much attention to his usual speech. He often inadvertently leaked some major confidential matters, which made the ministers' elaborate plans impossible. Everyone is very nervous about this, but it is not easy to tell Han Zhaohou. There is one named Tang Xi
  • Fable story: Duck's Tears A long time ago, there were no ducks and swans in this world. Legend has it that ducks and geese were originally animals called paradise birds and were kept at the home of a rural couple. One day, the sisters went for a walk. Until very late, they can no longer feel their way home
  • Fable story: The proud firefly had no moon and no stars that night. Fireflies fluttered proudly, and everyone said, "Well, I'm exhausted, and I need to send light everywhere." Wouldn't this be the world without me? !! I am the only sun in your life!
  • Fable story: One day with roses and thorns, the owner bought chrysanthemums and plums from the flower shop. Rose looked at them carefully for a while, and felt more beautiful. After a few days, guests came at home. They kept praising the fragrance and beauty of plum and chrysanthemums, leaving roses aside. Rose
  • Fable story: A wild goat and a shepherd A shepherd drove the sheep to the grass to graze and found that his sheep and the wild goat were mixed together. When the shepherd saw the wild goats grow fat and strong, they became greedy and wanted to take them for themselves. In the evening, the shepherd drove the ibex into the sheepfold along with his sheep. First